I am a celebrity, I wanna get out of here.

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I took this title from one of the Velvet Channel reality Tv show "Im a celebrity, Get me out of here" its pretty similar with "Survivor" but all participants were celebrities. On the contrary, the gist of this blog is not about whats happening with the celebrities on that Tv show, but its more on whats happening and whats I want to happen in my life. I strongly believed that I am the celebrity of my own as well as a fan 24/7 with 1000% love and support. I am the star of my career, of my own path and future. I am now nearly approaching to a stage of life where I can no longer see my figurative age on any types of Calendar. I am really getting there, to a point where I can no longer have a choice but to look back on how I made my younger years worth and full of unforgettable experience. Experiences that have inspired me to look more for tomorrow, on how am I going to settle down, enjoy life of being an old adult and be proud of myself. But how could I achieve those things if I am still here, a place where I see dark future, where I see beggars chasing everyone for alms, raising summary executions, raising unemployments, depressed economic status and uncertaintes for the future.The more I stay here, the more I become restless, anxious and paranoid and not because I am taking any medications but because I have this in depth goals in life to achieve and theres no way to achieve those here. A place where I see it as a prison, a cage and endless desperations.I wanna get out of here, I want to travel, I long for more trips abroad though I have travelled a several times but still not being satisfied. I know that the more I see things out there, the more I can have chances to make life a better one, productive and fruitful not just for myself but for people like you out there, who have been so nice and meaningful to me, my family, my bear and loved ones.

the other side of malaysia

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I had so much fun on this trip. I was able to see and explore some remote part of the world. I was able to extend my being a tourist and explorer to the next level. To a level where I could see myself learning and improving in so lots of different aspect. I had this realization that the world is not just a whole lot round in shape but it has all the significant dimensions where we could find the reality of our existence.

Enough for that …. anyway ….

The shopping. Gosh, from village market to signature items, name it. It has all what you want and wish for. Window shopping at Gurney Plaza, Prangin Mall and even the newly built Metro Jaya made me wishing to be so super fabulously rich shopping every thing my eyes can see.

The food. I love all what they have got. I could say that Asian cuisine is truly one of the best cuisine in the world. From rich spicy to moderate continental palate are just rich and super yummy. You can even smell every bits of herb added to it. I also tried some of their Chicken, beef and fish dishes and all are worth 30-36 cm waistline and not just that, they also have the best Chef in the world. How could you resist not to taste those marinated Salmon fish with their own home made kikkoman sauce on the top of their own fried noodles?

The culture. Emerging to the culture and tradition is always a highlight of my "every" trip. Malaysia is truly amazing evolving to a more modern and highly civilized country yet keeping their very authentic culture and traditional practices. Women on fully Islamic traditional clothing while men always on the top of their very own hierarchial system, meaning, the dominant one, the one who got the voice over women. Every single historical bits of this country were all kept and integrated well for tourist can understand on how Malaysia evolved from history of war and British colonization. So much of lovely temples, traditional display of the primitive life, exotic yet very rich Malay heritage. Its a real neighborhood I was craving to explore.

The people. I encountered so lots of diversified yet very friendly/some were rude people. The kind of accommodation I got from hotel receptionist to bus drivers were just amazing. Its also like becoming more of a Chinese invasion where you can see Chinese everywhere from stall markets to busy rushing business associates to Anime looking individual. The kind of people I met were all like a living MAP, they will always tell you the right direction when you are lost. I also meet new friends whom are Pinoy and am so proud of them, its just worth and right for Sen. Defensor Santiago to defend our title of not being just a plain low grade DH but a kind of race who got awesome, amazing and jaw dropping talents [Sheila, Eden and Jun].

The Language. English are highly spoken no matter where you go in Malaysia though people speak their native language to their own citizen but they always try to speak English to tourist like me though I cannot deny the fact that most of them speak Malay/Chinese/Indian and stuff like that to thinking that I am also Malaysian. “No malay, Philippines, from Philippines” has always been my introductory line every time I meet locals. Sometimes, Its here where I see myself good in charade like gestures. Sounds really funny but so cool to experience.

The experience. Its whole lot unforgettable.

I thank all the chances Ive got to again enrich my sense of being myself through learning what the world truly is all about.

welcoming 2009

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2009 will be just a matter of counting days on fingers and by now, its already wrapped with many paranoias and questions on what lies ahead for us. I can imagine how shiny mirror balls are as of the moment and fortune tellers activating their extra senses or “3rd eye” trying to see how will things work out for us.

According to my Zodiac Sign – Scorpio, my year will be fierce and ready to face any situation in life. I have the intelligence and the full capability to be the winner in life. I will sometimes act mysterious and can handle pressure with ease.

So good to be true.

I will now start crossing my fingers for what astrology got for me will come true. On the contrary, I cannot deny the fact that I am not going to live just by predictions, some says thats predictions belong to the family of failure. So I will do my best to make my 2009 worthwhile, productive, enjoyable, peaceful and healthy. I will try everything I can to make my 2009 as hilarious as Les Miserable show. I will stick to what and where I stand and I need not to change my self but improve on my field and I will make myself more hungry for improvements.

Its also a fact that 2008 worth a monumental statue considering of so many things that I had been through. How I sacrificed every single drops of tears and smiles which I suppose to enjoy. Its been like a roller coaster for me, a ride that will never come to a stop. Its been like a curry for me so full of hot spices that I can barely swallow. A kind of 2008 that sometimes makes me nauseated.

But despite of those challenging events, nobody else but myself who could be so proud that I have surpassed and made this 2008 worth and amazing. I have met new friends whom I thought I could have never encountered in this whole wide world. I became frugal and practical in everything. I have learned lessons that I cannot find in the book of Confucius and I came to a realization that life is so beautiful.

So I will welcome my 2009 as an awakening, a new morning that brings the morning breeze from the ocean of dreams, inspirations and hopes straight to my window. This will be year for me to shine like a star, on my own show and drama that never unfolds. I will treat each threat of destruction and bad gossips as savory to my morning breakfast, as how Chef of paragon prepares the best Fishmonger Salmon Fillet.

So you .... are you ready to welcome 2009?

immigration 101

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This time, I will tell you my bad experience when I passed the Immigration counter at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

I was on the 4th lane with skinned head- Hitler looking immigration officer wearing Vintage labeled eye glasses and not even looked at me when I was approaching the counter. I simply hand him my valid and legal passport with legibly Immigration filled card on it and yet am not getting any single comment from him. After a few seconds-almost a minute, he then asked me in a very low toned - wondering voice asking me my purpose of getting out of the country and I answered him back with proud chin yet with a very typical pinoy smile that I will be on vacation [
to a multiple destinations in Asia]. After hearing such "rich and famous" like answer, he then looked at me with a not so sharp but sharp vision straight to my cornea down to my digitalis trying to dig out if i have some hidden agenda down under my nerves. he was like questioning my capacity to travel abroad maybe because of several factors: maybe because I was only on a pair slipper, ukay-ukay the USO checkered short pant and looked haggard from the heavy traffic and falling on a roller coaster line of passengers, or I don't know, it maybe because we Filipino has this CRAB MENTALITY that we all cannot deny to any human races. He also asked me if I can afford to travel, whats the nature of my job in the Philippines, why travelling alone? if i have credit cards or something the fact that I have showed him my ROUND TRIP TICKET and HOTEL CONFIRMED BOOKINGS. He even asked me a personal below the belt question that I was pretending not hearing anything at all and asked him to repeat the question before he gave up and allowed me to go to my gate. Such a crazy attitude.

On the other side, its all the other way around when I reached my first foreign destination. I stood up in front of the Immigration counter for like 15 seconds only without any questions asked plus an ear to ear wide like smile welcoming me to their land.

This is really a comparison for me to see something unlikable about Filipino.

traveling tourist

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i arrived in penang at around 10:00 pm, so i got nothing to see much but to pigged out at one indianish restaurant just across from the hotel where i booked, and only had the usual singha beer. met some group of English guys so had to activate my harry potter accent, wheow that was hot.

the following morning, i only stayed at the pool side and read books, can you imagine that am on vacation but reading NCLEX book? but anyway, i hope my being genius will paid for at the end.

on the other side, i can see some freaking weirdo unfair way of life here, where can you see a full pool but none is wearing any appropriate suit? women are swimming with all their body covered and clothed, as in from head to toe, how could they feel the comfort the pool can give them?

another thing, this is an Islam country but i hear Xmas song all over the place. so i always mimic songs like that and am glad at least its something i can understand.

but anyway, its a part of their culture and tradition, i think they cannot complain for it. so i must not complain also.

i will be going to Georgetown tonight, i hope i get to see and enjoy my stay there.

away for vacation

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i am now packing up and ready to go.
ill fly with PAL and Singapore airlines through and through my flight IT.
excitement is building up and
cant wait to experience the one of the best vacation that i can ever have
guys, just stay put out there and wait to see my photo blogs when i'm back
merry christmas to all of you and
advance happy new year.

beautiful people

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these photos were taken post midnight at the mall downtown right after we had xmas party. we supposed to go bar hopping but ended up sitting on this blackish comfy sit-free couch without choosing even a single menu. those glasses and mug at the table were not ours, we did not bothered the waiter to fix the table as if we ordered something and those were from customers prior to us. when we are together like this moment, we usually have chit chat on so many varied things on earth plus awful laughters. we are like taking our time to bond and enjoy our company for the mean time that we are still around for each other because it wont be too long for us to have our own separate ways after schooling. but for sure, wherever we go, our hearts will always be filled with so much memories, value and love for each other. more power to us.